Pourquoi adhérer à l'AVP en 2022 ?
Pourquoi adhérer à l'AVP en 2022 ?

Créer du lien au sein de l’association et nous connaître un peu mieux. Parce qu’une association c’est avant tout créer des occasions de se rencontrer, d’échanger, nous avons décidé de déclencher ces occasions afin que tous les adhérents puissent avoir un vrai rôle participatif, que chacun puisse...

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Outdated distress flares?

Home EnvironmentOutdated distress flares?

Outdated distress flares?

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How do I get rid of it?

Imperatively in one of the voluntary contribution points set up in Tahiti. Especially NOT in a green or grey bin!

Shooting them during fireworks is also not a good way to get rid of them. Photo: Pascal Baudet, Venus Point, January 1, 2019

The Dispatch and the excellent Damien GRIVOIS inform us:

Source: http://www.ladepeche.pf/points-dapport-volontaire-enfin-solution-fusees-de-detresse-perimees/

Boaters and marine professionals can now dispose of their expired flares free of charge and safely since 12 December. Indeed, the fenua Ma trade union, the Maritime Cluster and the Country have decided to set up nine public points in Papeete, Arue, Punaauia and Taravao for the recovery of these dangerous pyrotechnic devices. No supply points are planned for the islands to date, as Fenua Ma's jurisdiction is limited to the Windward Islands.

"While distress flares save lives at sea, they can also, once out of date, prove dangerous for the boater and the environment," the director of the Nautisport partner in Fare Ute recalled on Thursday morning in the car park of the Nautisport Fenua Ma, Benoit Layrle. And man knows something about it, since used flares have already caused fires at the Paihoro Technical Landfill Centre (CET) and the Motu Uta sorting centre, causing damage of tens of millions of Francs.

The pyrotechnic devices recovered from the voluntary supply points will then be repatriated by Fenua and then rendered inert: the union will sink them into concrete inside 200-litre drums. [note de l’AVP, on se demande ce que deviennent ces drums… aaah ils seront immergés avec les épaves de navires]The devices involved are floating smoke, red parachute rockets, ocean signal flares, games of three red hand lights in the offshore box and finally the sets of three red DNS handlights.

The places of depot are Nautisport in Fare Ute, Sailtech, the fishing port and the reprocessing and sorting centre of Motu Uta (Papeete), the Yacht Club of Tahiti (Arue), the Taina Marina (Punaauia), the Ace and Nautisport Industrie-NSI stores (Taravao) and finally the centre Paihoro's technical burial.




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