Pourquoi adhérer à l'AVP en 2020 ?

Créer du lien au sein de l’association et nous connaître un peu mieux. Parce qu’une association c’est avant tout créer des occasions de se rencontrer, d’échanger, nous avons décidé de déclencher ces occasions afin que tous les adhérents puissent avoir un vrai rôle participatif, que chacun puisse...

Comment adhérer à l'Association ?
1 - Chez nos représentants :
TAHITI : Tahiti Yacht Accessoire à la marina Taina (Michel Baltzer)
HIVA OA : Maintenance Marquises Service (Chantier naval)
FAKARAVA : Fakarava Yacht Services (au village)
FAKARAVA : Pakokota Yacht Services (Pension Pakokota)
2 - Ou en ligne sur ce site
Un espace membre réservé
- Accès privilégié à des bons plans partagés
- Participation aux commandes groupées
- Des informations actualisées au quotidien
- Des forums pour s'exprimer et échanger
L'Association des Voiliers en Polynésie c'est avant tout un réseau de :
263 adhérents et 233 voiliers
530 abonnés Newsletter
6 antennes dans les iles
2602 abonnés sur Facebook
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Why join?

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Why join the AVP in 2020?

Create a link within the association and get to know us a little better.

Because an association is above all creating opportunities to meet and exchange, we decided to trigger these opportunities so that all members can have a real participatory role, that everyone can bring their own grain of salt in order to build a real community sharing the same pleasures, the same desires, the same needs while mixing and adding different knowledge and skills so precious today; and because everyone has something different at their level to bring to the common good, we would like to organize regular meetings in different forms:

  •  "POTLUCK" originally initiated by our English-speaking friends (meetings where everyone brings some food / specialty that he has concocted himself to share a friendly moment) in places to define.
  • RANDONNEES accessible to all to share moments ashore in magical places and often unknown by most boaters!
  • "APERO SUNSET" friendly information meetings on a pontoon/dock.

Or any other form, provided it is simple, that it does not require a large organization and that it is above all friendly and to which the greatest number would want to participate and share.
All your ideas for creating a link will be welcome! so don't hesitate to submit them to us! avp.tahiti@gmail.com

  • A true official information network: To bring together and disseminate more regularly all the information essential to our way of life in order to protect it in the best possible way and effectively defend our interests. Practical information and good and bad experiences lived in the different islands in navigation and anchorage to share in our FORUM.
  • To join the ranks of the members, the only legitimacy and credibility that can allow us to be heard in the various bodies of the country.
  • Keeping in touch with what happens on a daily basis at the legislative level with regard to boating in Polynesia, red tape.
  • Be aware of the good deals!! Because we are far away and everything costs a fortune, there are ways to pay less: off-the-beaten-track supply channels, bulk orders,...
    All your good plans are good to share! so don't hesitate to tell us about it! avp.tahiti@gmail.com
  • Take advantage of the benefits of the membership card that will be provided to you when you register (discounts at our partners).

Or get your card back?

The card is valid from January 1 to December 31 of the year.

By visiting one of our representatives:

  • TAHITI: Tahiti Yacht Accessory at Taina Marina (Michel Baltzer)
  • MOOREA: Marina de Vaiare (Voilier Fetia Nui with Aurora)
  • HIVA OA: Maintenance Marquises Service (Shipyard)
  • FAKARAVA: Fakarava Yacht Services (with Stephanie in the village)
  • FAKARAVA: Pakokota Yacht Services (Pension Pakokota)
  • TARAVAO: Phaeton Bay (Vagabond sailboat with Mehdi)

Or with the members of the office on Tahiti:

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