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Pourquoi adhérer à l'AVP en 2022 ?

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Minutes of the PGEM meeting in Tahiti

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The meeting of 16 June showed that the Polynesian sailing community existed and knew how to mobilize in Tahiti. Congratulations again and thank you all for your presence.

The minutes of the meeting can be made here. We have delayed its publication in agreement with the Moorea authorities.

Meeting minutes


16/06/2018, 9:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at the Round of the Assembly of Polynesia


Moorea representatives: Heiriti ARAPARI (in charge of the PGEM in Moorea), Franck TAPUTUARAI (assistant association), Charly AMARU (nautical brigade mediator)

AVP Office: Arnaud Jordan, François Rigaud, Sophie Deriols, Régine Rehel, Bernard Guillou

Assistance: about 60/65 people

Media: TNTV, ...


Introducing Moorea's future PGEM; question-and-answer

Summary report

(in red: requests for assistance)

The presentation is made, for the most part, by Heiriti:

1 - General on the PGEM, as well as on the former (current) PGEM of 2004

13 years of operation:

    • problem of the absence of sanctions (distribution of powers ...): no minutes have been established in 13 years, and therefore no sanctions for non-compliance ...
    • complexity of procedures
    • no follow-up indicators
    • no long-term vision
    • no specific financial and human resources
    • population growth: in particular urbanization and artificialization of the coastline

2018 MGEM Goals:

    • increase its efficiency

2 - History of the current process:

    • 2014: establishing the roadmap, with the participation of many stakeholders
    • 2015: Launch of the review
    • 2016: Local Commission (CLEM): drafting of the PGEM revisions; participation of 3 representatives of "nautical activities"
    • First semester: information from the local population
    • 2017: negotiations/synthesis (compromise on non-consensus points)
    • Finalization by obtaining positive opinion from the Planning Commission

3 - Goals of the new PGEM:

    1. - access to the sea for all
    2. - sustainable water activities
    3. - better distribute responsibilities/skills among the various authorities (Country, Municipalities, Police/Gendarmerie, etc.)
    4. - change in the composition of the Standing Committee (increase in the number of members, including 5 members of nautical activities)note: these 5 members would already be appointed, without the AVP having been consulted
    5. - setting up an official manager (which would be the municipality of Moorea)
    6. - zoning (BY the local population and FOR the population)
    7. - publication of 4 regulatory maps: fishing-related activities, protected areas, nautical activities, ...
    8. - 21 access to the sea (and land ...), 27 dive sites, 3 areas for ocean liners, 2 long-term moorings, 7 short-term moorings, etc.
    9. The quota of boats would be a request from the Minister of Tourism, not the municipality of Moorea; possible derogations for "events"; it is the Standing Committee that will define the quotas and durations of attendance.
    10. 4 - Various points:- Wetting: banned everywhere in principle at night (except long-term areas and marinas)- Organized moorings: possible onshore services; royalties; annual quotas, which may change; but how to manage (how to know if a mooring is "full" before going), and by whom (the sailboats themselves)? Presentation of a table of moorings/quotas, which would suggest that only 40 boats could be present in Moorea at night- Public inquiry to come: duration 2 months; unlikely on the internet; and very unlikely the WE- Marina de Vaiare: compliance before any extension

      - Comment: Black water treatment plant envisaged in Vaiare (south-east of Moorea) not logically and economically compatible with most of the anchorages to the north

5 - Future:

    • July August 2018: adoption of the revised EMPP (following the favourable opinion of the Planning Commission) in the City Council
    • September October 2018: public inquiry
    • November 2018: Commissioner-Investigator's summary report
    • …. CLEM 6: Revised PGEM
    • …. Council of Ministers for validation (ministerial decree)

6 - Miscellaneous questions

    1. - proposal for seasonal quotas (international transumance, large WE, etc.); buoys would be reserved for charters... ; Are there reliable statistics on the actual occupancy of moorings over time (because the "saturation" of some moorings seems to be limited to a few specific times of the year)? Debates on the different quotas proposed by implementations.
    2. - Difficult access to land; secure access request (pontoons) with minimum services (water, garbage cans, ...)
    3. - Comment: economic non-viability of a possible private boating service provider on each mooring area if the number of boats is too low ...
    4. - Comments: a higher quota of boats does not mean increased pollution at the same time; similarly, an increased quota of boats does not mean a parallel reduction of other water activities ...
    5. - Request: setting up a quota timetable; Online;
    6. - Request: possibility of delegation of services to a private company?
    7. - Request: complexity of access to PGEM texts and map
    8. - The buoys would be, for their maintenance, the responsibility of the Country ...
    9. - Comments: responsibilities in case of mooring failure (compulsory) (and paying)?
    10. - Comment: low availability of relief in Moorea
    11. - Comment: tender for the maintenance of buoys; money exists (Europe, High Commission, Ministry of Tourism, ...), you only have to bother to build a grant file ...


Assistant Secretary

AVP Interview – Moorea Town Hall

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Aurore Del PIA met Hereiti ARAPARI, Solange TIHANI and Franck TAPUTUARAI at Moorea Town Hall on October 5.

  • First of all, as of 5 October 2018, no date has been set for the public inquiry. It has been asked to provide it to us as soon as it is decided.
  • Regarding the map that appeared in the Dispatch, it was not validated by the ministers but was published by the elected representatives of Moorea at the last municipal council in order to be annexed to the main map during the public inquiry. It has been made clear that this map has only orientation value since it was not voted on in the Council of Ministers. We are looking at what is the order that came out as a result of the vote to pass the public inquiry by the ministers.
  • Regarding mooring times in the different areas, it is specified that the regulations will not change and that we will remain on the old regulations even after the public inquiry
  • We would like to make a meeting similar to the one that was made in Papeete but for Moorea and asked that a date be found

office meeting 05/29/2018

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Meeting minutes

Date: 05/29/2018, 5-6:15 p.m.

Participants: Arnaud, Sophie, Régine, Francois, Bernard; Christophe is excused

OdJ: Ocean Day Preparation; airBNB position ...

1 - Moorea PGEM

Participants agree on the online publication of Adrien LED PIA's letter, which is an excellent counter-proposal work (currently available on the AVP drive "map of proposals made to PGEM.pdf").

Action: online Arnaud

2 - World Oceans Day (June 9)

Participation is completely free.

Provide banner (if sufficient completion time)

Is there a power supply possible?

Possible activity; school of knots (8, touline, cabestan, ...)

Slideshow: TV screen 80 cm if electric power supply 220v, if not computer or tablet

A track game is planned by the main organizer, with 25 questions related to the various stands:

    • average speed of a nomal sailboat (compared to walker, runner, bike, ...., Bolt)
    • average number of sailboats going into PF each year

Breakfast "Spanish inn" at 10:30 a.m.

Actions: banner cf - 3 below

Electavel power supply? Sophie

Freeflight TV

2 bis - Mini-festival

Contact with the Museum of Tahiti.

Possible date: Heritage Day

Activities planned to date:

workshop knots

workshop personal manufactures: laundry, preserves, ..

Contact with a puppeteer

Other welcome ideas....

3 - Banner

Making a 2x3 m banner (approximately), made of bache fabric, printed

Arnaud proposes the intervention of a graphic designer for a flat price of 5000 Fr, given the very short time available.

Francis' principled opposition: in the future, do not call on professionals until you have exhausted the internal volunteer resources.

Actions: alternative graphic proposal Régine (dqp)

Arnaud banner command

4 - Clean-up day (June 24)

It is organized every year by the YC of Arue, with the participation of Sea Shepherd, the diving club of Arue, rowers, ....

The AVP encourages the participation of its members.

No registration per se (unless diver), show up on D-Day, around 8:00 a.m....

The material is provided (gloves, garbage bags, ...)

Action: mail members Arnaud

5 - Position of the AVP versus AirBNB

The rental of rooms on boats has become democratized with the appearance of online tools such as AirBNB (not the only one).

The AVP's attention was drawn to the reporting of vessels engaged in this type of commercial activity under "limits" safety conditions, which could damage the image of boaters in general.

The position of the AVP office is as follows:

The AVP is not opposed to this type of activity in so long as the renters strictly comply with safety rules, environmental protection rules, and of course local bylaws.

It seems that an upcoming evolution of the country's regulations on this type of rentals is in the pipe ...

It is proposed that the AVP contact directly and personally the two specifically identified vessels.

Actions: Flamb ship contact. Arnaud

contact ship Ranch. Sophie

6 - AVAAZ Petition

The purpose of this petition (anonymous author ...) concerns the mooring ban in Taiamanu (Moorea). There are about 200 signatories (4 times less than the one concerning the ban on kite-surfing ...)....).

No reaction from the AVP.

7 - Room for the PGEM briefing

The halls of the town hall of Papeete and the town hall of Punaauia are not available on this date.

Arnaud offers the back room to the 3 Brewers.

(Between this report and the meeting of the office, a room was found at the fare buddy of the Assembly of Polynesia, by Arnaud).

8 - Miscellaneous Points

To study the interest and possibility of a group purchase of EPIRB tags (now mandatory in France and Polynesia for offshore navigation)

Action; Survey? Régine


Buoys installed as part of the mooring restrictions (biosphere management) have disappeared. There were also reportedly two buoy breaks, at least one of which resulted in the loss of the boat. To be confirmed

It is, in theory, obligatory to run for mayor of Fakarava when you arrive by sailboat. We are then asked for a 1000 fr/sem tax for household waste (!!! given the Fakarava garbage dump), as well as a residence tax of 35 francs/day/person (i.e. 6100 francs/month in total for a boat of 2 people...).

Action: Text of the municipal decree Francois



Deputy Secretary

P-S (out of meeting)

Tracking current actions:

Date Action Responsible Advancement Obs.
26/04/18 Date and meeting room for PGEM Régine Finished June 16, fare buddy Assembly PF
Macri double paperwork response Bernard Finished 2 emails
Contact Customs on double popeetisation François ------
Stand "World Oceans Day" Sophie In progress
Mini-festival Sophie In progress
Topo health coverage browsers in PF Bernard In progress
Back-office access Arnaud -----

Minutes of the 2018 General Assembly

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The general meeting of the association took place Thursday, March 22 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., in the annex wedding hall of the Town Hall of PAPEETE.

President Arnaud JORDAN opened the meeting with the presentation of the members of the board to the meeting. Adrien and Aurore LED PIA, who lives in Moorea, apologized. The President recalled the various actions taken to make the Association operational again.

  • Update of the Association with the Directorate of Associations with registration in the Official Journal.
  • Opening a bank account at OPT.

The Vice-President briefly presented the various meetings to publicize the Association since the last General Assembly on October 24, 2017. With the Commander of the Autonomous Port, the Deputy Mayor of Arue, the Deputy Of the Town Hall of Punaauia, to try to clarify the forbidden places at anchor, the accessible places and the places where mooring is tolerated. Many interpretations remain, as several members of the Assembly present. We will have to go back to that and collect all this information to make it appear on the AVP website, the second axis that the President intends to develop.
The President inquired the Assembly of the meeting with Onyx LE BIHAN, the person from Moorea City Council who is following the proposed amendment to the 2004 MSP. The situation is not favourable to boaters, it will be necessary to consider intervening in the public utility survey that will take place after the territorial elections around May. This official agreed to meet with the members of the Association to clarify the details of this project.

The office met several times to update the statutes and propose new texts. The Chair indicated that the question of a possible name change of the Association had arisen but that the majority of the board members were not in favour of it. The Vice-President argued for consideration of changing the name, and other stakeholders wanted everyone to think about the pros and cons of doing so.
The Treasurer presented the financial report for the 2017 financial year to the Assembly and provided an update on current memberships. The president has entrusted his third axis; without an increase in the number of members and the active participation of all the Association will have little credibility with the various officials.

  • The Assembly voted to give the President (0 votes against, 0 abstention and 34 votes in favour).
  • The Assembly voted to give the treasurer (0 votes against, 0 abstention and 34 votes in favour).
  • The Assembly voted to formalize the new version of the statutes (0 votes against, 4 abstentions, 30 votes in favour).
  • The Assembly voted for the internal regulation to stipulate that the amount of annual membership in 2018 is 1500 Cfp.

For the replacement of the outgoing members of the office, Adrien DELPIA and Georges OLIVERAS presented themselves two candidates. The Assembly voted for this renewal (0 votes against, 0 abstention, 34 in favour).
The new office is made up of:

  • Arnaud JORDAN President
  • François RIGAUD Vice-President
  • Christophe MONNIER Secretary
  • Bernard GUILLOU Assistant Secretary
  • Régine REHEL Treasurer
  • Sophie DE RIOLS Assistant Treasurer

Projects and initiatives for 2018:

The President presented the new Site of the Association with its various sections and joints that is truly intended to inform all boaters about texts, services, exchanges of ideas. It is essentially from the Site that everyone anywhere will be able to have the information they are looking for, such as the various mooring points, maritime news, events, meetings, stories...

Members noted that the life of the association also involves direct exchanges and that meetings should still be scheduled to exchange during the year, not just at the General Assembly. This proposal is adopted with the aim of preparing arguments on the problem of Moorea's new PGEM.

Sophie DERIOLS proposes to organize a kind of Festival, "a highlight around sailing and boats", with workshops and animations that can interest all audiences and not just people who already practice sailing.

It will be necessary to meet as many representatives and elected officials in order to make known the reality of the expectations of boaters, on moorings, on nuisances, on road services, on respect for the environment ... Present the goals of the Association, the development of this type of tourism... Highlight the lack of space in ports and marinas while explaining that since it is a form of tourism chosen by the territory it is necessary that boats should be able to have anywhere of areas where the mooring is free provided they respect principles.

This will require a local increase in the actions of the office with the participation of members who know the situations and local or territorial representatives.

The President thanked the Assembly and invited all members to work for the development of the Association.

Meet Onyx LE BIHAN

No Comments

Notes from AJ (waiting for notes from Adrien Del Pia and a joint editorial with Régine)

Meeting with Onyx LE BIHAN Thursday, May 22, 2018 about The Moorea PGEM

Archive Photo: The Tahitihttp://consu
ltation.ladepeche.pf/article/moorea-maiao/plan-de-gestion-de-l%E2%80%99espace-maritime-un-projet-de-revision-sur-les-rails Dispatch

Ms. Onyx LE BIHAN is ready to come and explain the mayor's approach to the Sailors at an information meeting

A public utility survey will take place after the second round of elections. This is our last opportunity to act and influence the project.

Arguments will be categorized according to the relevance of the remarks (public utility, provenance of constructive remarks, relevant or not...) by the Commissioner - rapporteur

The project

No fairground mooring but only daytime fairground mooring, in identified areas

Everywhere else is 48 hours or 7 days. Paying everywhere
regulation by zone or zone type

We, boaters who use the lagoon, can participate in the public inquiry: no discrimination at first sight

To prepare people change current projects are not disseminated to people, in order to avoid unnecessary confusion.

CLEM elected, no representative of sailboats but possibility to be present
CLEM eventually becomes a standing committee in which sailboats could be present

Association du PGEM

Sleeping sailors

sustainable boating, communication

Predicting is their goal

Possible event overrun or annual review

Sanctions and control DPAM and Maritime Affairs are competent

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