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Pourquoi adhérer à l'AVP en 2022 ?

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Minutes of the working meeting of 19/11/19 –

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Were present:
- Arnaud Jordan
- Bernard Guillou
- Rehel
- Florent Gachod
- Nathalie Garnier
- Eric Pinel-Peschardiere

Location: Grand Large Residence

-------------------------------------------- Start: 8:15 a.m. ----------------------------------------------

Eric goes to see the minimum order, we start on a first double-sided order of 200 copies.
For AVP members, the charter membership fee is set at 2000Fcp, including the pavilion.
For non-members the price is set at 3000Fcp.
The renewal of the pavilion is set at 1000Fcp, it will be put in place later.
Idea: order Polynesian and Marquesas pavilions (sale only for members)

CARTES 2020: order made

Reorder the existing flyer with the Ecocean Charter logo
Creating a special flyer charter, to recall its content. But we need all the partners' logos and it's going to take time.
See with TAI MOANA for broadcast channel. For Panama?

It's a free plugin that automatically translates the page and then manually changes it.
The idea is to give WORDPRESS access to Anglo-Saxons who can translate the French version directly online, in English.
To avoid duplicates, the translator will need to sign the document at the bottom of the page.
The translation must be organized by creating a listing of articles.
It is also possible to translate offline, then copy and paste and (unfortunately) re-page online.

Work meeting on Monday, November 25 at 9:00 a.m. on Florent's boat

Why were the letters (request from the mayor of Bora, Punaauia, etc.) not sent?
Letter request of appointment to Buissou sent (modified without explanation ...), no response so far
Kito SYLVAIN from BBMS called us to give his version of the accident with the CATa ARCHER in Bora, very different version, but in no way erasing his probable responsibility.
We will modify the article of the site to disseminate its explanations in parallel.

2nd quote very expensive
According to CREOCEAN, the analysis will not be conclusive in case of high measured pollution, as there are a lot of local wastewater discharges from Punaauia - pollution generated by hydrocarbons from roads (very important). Escheria Coli without impacts on corals. Good currentology at the anchorage (10 cm/s on average), ensuring a complete and rapid renewal of the water mass.
We are waiting to see the TNTV article to validate the first analysis quote.

Find a wreck and make an example of deconstruction from A to Z. See on Taravao where it will be simpler.

Short article published in Tahiti-Pacific 20 (brief). Longer article to come, probably (D. Schmit).
Interviews: Radio 1, TNTV: ongoing

Eric's mail to explain that if dead bodies become paid then it will be more complicated to manage.
Coral Gardener: offer a partnership to do training; go through Ryan.

------------------------------------- End of the meeting: 12:00 -------------------------------------------

Minutes of the working meeting of 05/11 –

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CR office meeting 2019-11-05
Yacht Club Arue
7:00-10:30 p.m.
Full office

Arnaud's preanbule:
Arnaud wants to maintain the entire office until 2020, so succeed in working together. We have entered into a political communication, we have to round the corners, we have to agree on who does what and who does it.
Be careful not to engage the AVP in a process it does not want.

Bouissou Conference
- Missed in the broadcast of the CR, sent to others than our members; limited reactions. As expected, disastrous and unbearable comments on FaceBook
- Arnaud: contact with Valentina Cross (UPLD)
- will ask an oral question at the PF meeting soon
- wonders if Bouissou would play the division
- Very very good article in the Dispatch following our press release (but article about wreck PaoPao in the same issue of the newspaper ...)
- See coordination with US sailboats

A look back at the points discussed at the last meeting of 22/10 at Nathalie:10
- Request to the mayor of Punaauia: we send the letter.
- Request to visit the mayor of Bora: the letter is sent
- Relaunchthe sailboats of the fairground anchorage, non-members: Florent had already made a tour, without much success ...
- PGEM Moorea review: according to Eric sources, the text would pass before the municipal elections in 2020, and probably this November
- Seamanship training: defection of Mathieu Angelin, who leaves the Fenua; find a next replacement (see Ben Parnaudeau ???)
- Response to "accusations" of pollution of the waters of sailboat moorings: water analyses by lab; ILM quote received, expectation of CAIRAP's; Complete difference of opinion on the subject between the members of the board.
- Regina boating questionnaire: current project writing; to continue
- AVP "official" positioning document on multiple topics: Florent had put on the drive a fortnight ago a project, members not all aware, to complete
- "AVP" insurance: first requests for quotes
- Meetings authorities: Arnaud can't train other members
- Catamaran Archer: Eric offered him the lawyer Anne Michel (specialist in maritime transport law); search for the BBMS insurer? (C. Rocheteau should know, ask him)
- Contact with a doctor of law, Julie Cornu (spelling?), who could help us: arrange a meeting; Mail?
- Contribution 2020: divergent positions of board members; in the end, the majority maintains the contribution at 2000 xpf. The 2020 contribution starts now. The AVP website makes it clear (readable to reinforce) that the contribution is calendar (until December 31 of the AAAA year). Additional revenue will be generated through the sale of the Ecocean Pavilion.
- Hello Asso: very French-French, does not accept foreign credit cards, text not in English, ... but free.
Other solutions exist (PayBox, ...) but paying, forcing to change banks (much more expensive in the end) ...
According to Eric, the bulk of the 2020 membership recruitment will come from partners in the islands: making it easier for them to pay.
- Membership cards 2020: order (400).
- Ecocean Pavilions: waiting / received (samples).
- Association A Tia Matairea (Huahine): an association aimed at improving the living environment of the inhabitants and protecting the coral. Pambrun (reputed) is one of them.
Christian Colombes negotiates on request of the AVP (sic) with this asso for the installation of mooring buoys, to prohibit the traditional anchorage on anchor of the platelet in front of Fare, among others. The previous buoys installed by the town hall were severed quickly for the most part; the bottom attachment screws still exist and could be reused. Eric's project is: Create a partnership with this association, define with it the mooring areas and finance new moorings by the AVP (hopeful lying town hall participation, help ingesting potential suppliers, ..., overall estimate 200,000 xpf), daily follow-up by A Tia Mataira; free according to AVP, paying according to city hall. It would become the "dead bodies of the AVP", surveillance by the Huahine asso and by the users themselves, communication "give to the AVP if you use these dead bodies". Stephanie Betz seems very supportive. Some potential problems: wetting new sectioned by locals? Squatting of moorings: no way to evict; this is currently the case for one of these moorings...; Degraded AVP image in case of failure.
- Structuring communication and transparency of exchanges: internal debate in the office.
In conclusion, Arnaud asks to put the AVP in copy so that the whole office is aware of the work in progress.

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 19, 8:00 a.m.

Review of the working meeting of 22/10/19 at Nathalie –

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Nathalie's working meeting report of 22/10/19

Were present:
- Arnaud Jordan
- Bernard Guillou
- Rehel
- Florent Gachod
- Nathalie Garnier

- Eric Pinel


------------------------------------------- Start: 9:15 a.m. ---------------------------------------------

Letters to mayors:
- Bora Bora: it has been modified, less aggressive
- Punaauia: accuracy of our position, we do not condone wrecks and boats that are no longer maintained
These two letters explain who we are AND ask for an appointment, we do not claim anything, we give the position of the AVP: we do not endorse the occupation of maritime space permanently
Arnaud takes care of the shipment.

Communication within the AVP:
Florent: better communication internally, example on the meeting with Catheriene Rocheteau or the Cluster, no written account, do we have reliable information on the future of the mooring in Taina or PGEM No. 2? If this is the case our duty is to inform the members.

AVP training day for AVP members:
2 hours planned by Mathieu (MAT RIGGING), a Sunday morning in January 2020, with 3 workshops:
- Manila textile
- Chain-cable junction
- Spliced eye 3 strands

On the website: Regina: specify calendar membership: ok it's done

Analysis of the lagoon water? (Regina)
Yes: quote request, if ok and concluding then: publication

Questionnaire to boaters on moorings in Polynesia
Freevol idea: ok, in progress...

Purpose: to protect personal data: where is the data and who has access?
Make a registry, personal data must be traceable

AVP position:
Florent calls for a position on sensitive issues
Creating a working doc for publication:
- Wrecks: recycling, financing, ...
- Entrance tax: annual, to limit and finance the recycling of abandoned boats
- Pollution of boats: charter. Pollution of the land very important,
- Temporary occupation of the public domain:
--Bora Bora
- Profit, sailboats do not want to pay anything and enjoy the facilities ashore:
--- Taina's private dead body, long-lasting anchorage
--- no contract system for mooring in Taina

More details about the drive in the working paper.

Where are we meetings?
Next: the High Commissioner who will not position himself but who can provide us with interesting solutions

Miri Miri
Find the photos and video of the sailboat Tao and put it on the drive (Arnaud)

Article on rescue at sea:

2020 contributions:
It will be necessary to determine the amount of the 2020 membership and also the date of its launch.
If you need money (to launch a legal action, for example) you can also launch a subscription as has been the case in the past.

Bora Bora the shame:
Franc (author of the text) could publish it in the forum but it is not adherent, its text is not published anywhere ... this text is too long and even if it is well written and there are interesting ideas there are also unverifiable points.
Florent is divided on its publication, if we do it will be an open or closed publication? Arnaud has planned a 'hat' that will give the position of the AVP, for example:
"Our members complain about the situation in Bora Bora. We must hear the discontent of these users of the lagoon. If they do not represent the direction that the association is taking, a direction deliberately oriented towards negotiation, discussion and respect for the environment, we must hear some of that.
The Association of Sailors in Polynesia regrets that the measures taken in Bora Bora lead to the privatization of the entire lagoon. We understand the need to organize the particularly busy moorings. But we believe that there should be a free mooring zone, next to the organized moorings. It will not lose the legal concept of coastal shelter and the coexistence of paid and free zones, even limited in time, will guarantee a real service, a real added value of the paid areas.
Beyond freedom, we are committed to enlaning the commons of our lagoons and that the laws governing them are not a de facto privatization of the maritime public domain. Aware that this priceless wealth belongs to all, we would not want it to be for the exclusive use of wealthy tourists but that local sailboats, among other users, can also enjoy it. »


---------------------------------- End of the meeting: 12:00 ---------------------------------------

Review of the working meeting of 27/09/19 at Nathalie –

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Nathalie's working meeting report of 27/09/19

Were present:
- Arnaud Jordan
- Eric Pinel
- Bernard Guillou
- Rehel
- Florent Gachod
- Nathalie Garnier

- Water chips
- Site structuring
- Charter
- Various

------------------------------------------ Start: 9:15 a.m. -----------------------------------------------

Meeting with Catherine Rocheteau on Friday, October 4
Questions to ask (and which must be conveyed before the appointment):
- Where can we get wet (and where can't); Mapping?
- How long (term limit of public use)?
- Know the people responsible
- Text references

According to DIREN: Ok dead body in Tetiaroa

NAUTIQUES PUCES (6/10/2019, from 6.30am)
- Percussion of a life raft: finding the resource to animate this activity; JRCC reached by phone is leaving
- Rescue at sea can move their boat in front of the fleas, see the place for the boat and also the raft.

The Facebook group "Water Chips" was created by Eric, but it is integrated with the AVP Facebook
- Question: should this FB group be linked to the "Pacific Discount" website? No, it's not the same "web customer."
- Moderation of "nautical chips" and "Pacific Discount": there is work, Nathalie proposes to do it each in turn on the basis of volunteerism. Training to be planned (Arnaud)
- Problem of professionals on Facebook: currently, if it is related to the sea, we limit it to one ad per week.

The stakes are high, and this will define the AVP in 2020.
- Pavilion quote in progress (samples ordered by Eric).
- Stickers: wait until the last minute, it delivers very quickly.

Planned abandonment of the forum on the site, totally unusable, concentration on the Facebook group
Meeting to plan to rebuild the main menu of the website

- Membership of the Maritime Cluster at 55,000xpf/year for associations: we want to participate, there are working groups to come directly concerning the Placentia, but the price is too high; see with Cluster (we'll bring something by our name alone, we shouldn't have to pay).
- Activities of the asso: make a list of projects and highlight them, find motivated and involved people to make them live.
- NEWSLETTER: No Newsletter for almost 3 months, list of ideas to launch at least once a month, find content and put it on the Drive, a dozen ideas is already on the Drive ...
- Partnerships: Soon the AVP will offer insurance for sailboats, it is a serious French broker, a retro-commission for the AVP is planned, it will be necessary to be clear with the members on this point.
- Reminder: Emails directly related to the AVP, and received in personal messaging, must be transferred to the AVP box.
- Validation of runway line crossings by the autonomous lookout/port to be completed.
- Bora-Bora moorings:
The AVP has not posted its official position on this sensitive issue on the website. Propose an editorial that tries to take into account differing opinions.
A draft mail to the Mayor of Bora on this subject appears on the Drive for comment, for several weeks: to be completed.

--------------------------------- End of meeting: 11:45 a.m. --------------------------------------

AVP office meeting minutes 13-09-2019

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AVP office meeting minutes 13-09-2019

Receiving Power: Eric
Participants: Arnaud, Eric, Régine, Bernard, Nathalie
Apologized: Florent
Guest: Olivier (MaryAnn sailboat, from Raiatea)

Funding hosting sites, domain name, ...
- What about Pacific-Discount? Link with AVP: similar to real-world nautical chips organization; Recovers potential members requires little work
- Is this acceptable (legally) for a 1901 asso (see)
- Vote: 3, 2 abst, 1 absent - Accepted

- 453,000 XPF in account

Next Nautical Chips Sunday, October 6 (7-11:00 a.m.)
We have an 8-seater life raft, to hit on the water: we are looking for an ad hoc facilitator: contact JRCC: "Laurent" would be OK, to be confirmed
Stand JRCC: make him an official request for hierarchy
FPSMM (Eric)?
Make maximum commercial on raft percussion, JRCC presence, FNSMM; BLU Polymagnet (Olivier); FB ...; informing non-members of the population; newspaper ads
(JRCC: call management, and coastal rescue; FPSMM: rescue at sea); around 10:00 a.m. (to be specified); AVURNAV to be emitting (if smoke test); Location: Philip is OK, waiting confirmation for location (Regina); (Regina). What do we do next?: bulky Taina marina

Taina waste
Is it up to the AVP to do that? That's the job of Marina Services (who has money for it); reputation of sailboats
Stickers to ask Fenua Ma (SEP) who has money for it?
Unreadable instructions
Action with Philip? (pressure via Blue Flag?)
Pb: selective sorting is complete rant (Marquises, tuam, ...), so sailboats arriving Papeete no longer believe in selective sorting in PF

Toilet marina taina
Deleted during work in Chirac square: Eric proposes action with PAP: 80 sailboats defecate in the water (but risk media can write in the opposite direction)

Recent partnership agreements
- Lordship (Siu group): in progress
- Sopom, Sing Tung Hin, Soflex, .... (Siu group): OK
- Partners may leave us (no sales); non-competitive rates? Lack of publicity?

- See 1) UNHCR, 2) govt, 3) Dir, 4) Municipalities ?...: mooring time, quid Taina/Bora/Miri/Moorea ... (how do they see the resolution of this global pb, which will not resolve itself), etc. ....
- See then the mayors ...
- According to DAF: there would be multiple concessions on the maritime domain (private companies, municipalities, private companies, ...) that prohibit sailboats from being there; mapping to be retrieved from DPAM
- See if private dead body wetting authorization contains a precise avoidansing radius (in PF)
- Diapo PPT: lack objectives of the Asso (2/3 slides to add: Regina)
- The appointment request must include the agenda (wanted by the AVP); and also our reading of the law
- UNHCR: what should the gendarmes (dir. (UNHCR) in the face of Miri-type cases (dir. PF)?
- Debate on Miri: Olivier and Eric believes that the problems stem from the authorization to park in PF for 3 years .
- Different versions on the problems of Miri 2015 - 2016
- DPAM: see Rocheteau: mapping restrictions ...

Next meeting (tbc): 27/09,

Bernard Guillou
Assistant Secretary

Minutes of the working meeting of 26/08/19 –

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Minutes of the working meeting of 26/08/19

Were present:
Arnaud Jordan
Nathalie Garnier (host)
Bernard Guillou
Régine Rehel
Florent Gachod

Eric Pinel

----------------------------------------------- Start: 8:15 a.m. ----------------------------------------------

- Divide the tasks, make working groups, you have to get help and not support all the work that remains to be done. Make a Newsletter to find volunteers and/or through Facebook.
Régine offers workshops (or training) to attract people and collect labour for our working groups.
- The English translation is in progress (Vanessa), but no way to translate it into Tahitian.
- The amendment proposed by Luke at the last meeting at Punaauia Town Hall was made (addition of the phrase "near mooring" in Article 5).
- The next step will be to have it "sponsored" by relevant authorities: Minister of Tourism, Environment, DPAM, High Commissioner, representative associations such as FAPE and others.
- The charter will be proposed at the next AG for its final validation.
- We are already thinking of means of dissemination (such as a brochure distributed by the gendarmerie when entering the territory)

FINALISATION of the presentation of the asso on the drive, it will be done today by Arnaud and Régine

WORK GROUP on waste in the islands (Regina) and at the Taina Marina; poster productions to improve sorting.

- The AVP has been contacted by the Raiatea gendarmerie. They don't really know which texts to apply; the various authorities are sending each other back the hot potato. The gendarmerie strongly condemns the use of violence.
- There is no specific local regulatory text regarding this area; There is no such thing as a 48-hour time limit; we have the right to wet there, it is a good shelter in case of maraamu.
- Arnaud must call back the gendarmerie. The area should not be appropriated, as parking is too long could be abusive.
- A complaint has been filed by a sailboat and another sailboat may do so, we will contact them for more information.
- Online pre-complaint is possible: https://www.pre-plainte-en-ligne.gouv.fr/ (for individuals only)
- We will contact the collective created for Mirimiri and we will also contact the sailboats involved.

- BBMS did not respond to the AVP's email asking it to provide its insurance terms.
- BBMS prevents any fairground mooring.
- BBMS charges 3000F/day its buoy without any service, compared to 500F/day in Taina with lots of free or paid services (safe land access, drinking water, showers and toilets, supervised parking, etc. ...)
- We will write to the mayor (open letter) to ask him for a free and free mooring area, and to question him about prohibitive prices for no service and no access to land.

- Put the investigator commissioner's report online with our opinion
- Search for information on the progress of the case

- The nautical fleas in Taravao went well; necessarily limited attendance
- Next chips:
--- on October 6, 2019 in Taina, with, if possible, workshop to open a life raft
--- probably in Nov/Dec at the YC d'Arue, with Men's at Sea workshop.

-------------------------------------- End of the meeting: 12:15 ---------------------------------------------

Minutes of the meeting of 19/07/19 at punauuia Town Hall –

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Minutes of the meeting of 19/07/19 at Punauuia Town Hall

Subject: Presentation of the charter and Bora Bora situation

Were present:
Arnaud Jordan
Eric Pinel
Bernard Guillou
Régine Rehel
Florent Gachod

Nathalie Garnier

---------------------------------------------------- Start: 6:05 p.m. ----------------------------------------------------------

- We are at more than 155 members - a new membership at this meeting: Marie de Bora
- Fakarava's antenna begins to provide memberships
- Significant drop in the number of subscribers to the newsletter, Arnaud will look in the database to find the cause.

Start of the meeting: presentation of each one by a round table.


We are at zero level: presenting the charter to the members, then will come the following levels (press, high commissioner, politics, etc...)
This charter refers to existing texts and takes the lead on future regulations that will be unavoidable. Its goal is to take a first step to be recognized, the idea is not to go to the front with the earthlings but to negotiate and propose.
We would like this charter to become a reference document (for example: giving the procedures for crossing the runway axis, a meeting is scheduled with the lookout this Wednesday)
Charter logo: "A paruuru te moana" translates as "I protect my ocean"
The charter will be bilingual, plus a Tahitian version (under consideration)
Everyone makes charters, we have been inspired by many and we have added local specificities.
The text of this charter is turned in such a way as to adapt to all situations, limiting to the maximum extreme constraints.
In the minds of the people here the lagoon is part of the property so we respect it.
Finally, this charter will not be mandatory for the members of the AVP, those who adhere to it will be able to raise the flag of the charter and thus show everyone that we are not polluters because we respect the sea.
Change on Article 5: Adding "near mooring"
Luke's idea: go with this charter to see the renters and charters


It's still completely unclear, several boats are out of zone, all have been checked but no verbalization at the moment.
The text is ambiguous, we may have the right to wet freely 24 hours and beyond we must take a dead body. BBMS controls the boats as soon as they arrive in the past.
The mooring area is mandatory, it is managed by the company BBMS in its entirety.
The AVP does not have enough reliable information about Bora's situation, Eric asks Marie to create an antenna and unite as many members as possible so that we can defend Bora with The DPAM for example.


The end of the Bublique investigation was April 27, 2019, the report of the investigating commissioner was to be available 1 month later, on May 27, the document was not made public but Bernard managed to obtain it.
The result is not good, the investigating commissioner did not take into account the many comments and proposals made by the AVP, and the other 69 participants in this investigation.

------------------------------------ End of meeting: 9:----------------------------------------------------- p.m.

Prepared as usual mainly by Régine

Office meeting of 21/06/2019 –

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Office meeting - 06/21/2019

Present: Eric, Florent, Bernard, Arnaud
Apologized: Regina, Nathalie

Miscellaneous points:
- Checkbook received 'Regina'
- Bill 19249 xpf, check: gloves ' Régine'
- Banner: to be planned for nautical chips
- 2000 xpf: inscription Nicolas Toussaint, Ihitai ' Régine
- Ratafia: would have paid his dues (that's the 2000 unknown) - Regina (mail in the name of the AVP)
- Ice-maker for nautical chips: Arnaud
- Fleas: It's Saturday, June 29
- Clean-up day cancelled (cause weather, too much water ...)
- Shipwreck of Ratafia, Maupiti: apparently for lack of inattention (see press)
- Shipwreck of a Beneteau 52 at the south pass of Fakarava, butt in the propeller apparently

Eric's trip to Fakarava:
- There is an excited who tries to apply the law before it is applicable ...
- Specific case of the diving boat French master xxx, external to Fakarava, which would upset the market, hence the ban on diving without a local instructor ...
- Text not yet published; mainly involves diving (except mooring and access to Sands Roses)
- Mathieu: kakémono in place, in dining room: it discusses, TB
- About 80/90 boats in Fakarava, in total, including at least 30 in Irifa (bad weather, too)
- Fakarava sailing pirogue: flower tray, because no DPAM authorization for professional exploitation (safety reasons - reversal)
- Adrien - Aline.......: offer kite (paraplegics, ...) yoga, underwater hunting, south pass etc and Irifa, very trendy eco, know everyone, no base ashore, ....

- ECOCEAN: if not in the same field of activity, no problem if identical name; you may need to file the name/activity with INPI (approximately 300 euros, for a duration ...?). INPI competent locally or not?
- See if "solo" envelope, which would be cheaper (we put the name in an envelope, sealed, INPI, if 2 name deposited, it is blocked thus ...
- Logo: text below in Polynesian: cf Polynesian Academy for correct translation
- The charter will be presented to members, for opinion and comments, the same for logo
- Putting solutions on the tricky points: example: set box kit full slush SVB: 13000 frs

- Next meeting with DPAM to resolve the problem of anchoring residents
- Makai closed
- Mooring is permitted everywhere (except underwater cable areas, ...) for up to 24 hours; beyond that, it is the specifically authorized areas
- The beach of Matira was already the subject of a ban -arrested to find

Job allocations:
- Synthesis of the moorings - Bernard
- Waste on land Arnaud
- Treatments of black waters - Florent
- Respect for flora and fauna - Eric
- Traffic in the lagoon - Eric (Autonomous Port)

The rest will be defined at a later date.

Office meeting report of May 21, 2019 –

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Office meeting report of May 21, 2019

Cata Suricat, 8am-11.30am

All except Nathalie (excused)


Complicated file to fill, seemingly exorbitant price
Waiting quote for decision

- Sailboat insurance project:
understanding of our not simple request by brokers


Swim Tahiti to Moorea
The AVP was asked to participate.
The organization leaves something to be desired with safety problems such as the follow-up of a swimmer with a sailboat, much less manoeuvring than a motor boat.
The AVP is in solidarity, but will not participate because mainly of insurance and responsibilities in case of problems: to e-mail in this direction.


World Ocean #Journée: June 8, Venus Point
New name: "sea effect"
Little information about the event, or the price of the event; would now be more commercial?
It would be interesting to present our charter, but we're not ready.


Question about the signature of the members? Answer: no, we'll sell a flag that will hire the boat.
Review the drafting of the charter, its logo, its name (Ninamu, Moana, etc...)
Work meeting on Friday, May 24 at 8 a.m., Suricat cata


- Stargap (slowly sinking): the autonomous port is aware of the situation (motor-pump expected, it seems)
Legally: it is the owner who is responsible, but the authorities can take the lead if nothing is done in case of safety/environmental danger ....
- Write a page on Facebook to denounce the country's lack of action on the problem of shipwrecks.
Meet the High Commissioner? To alert to the problem of wrecks, or even a tax at the entrance to finance the recycling/dismantling of wrecks? (but it's not in his area of responsibility because of the status of autonomy)
- See with the next High Commissioner, because the current one is on the way out
- Local line deconstruction?


Bora-Bora, Fakarava and Moorea wetting
Positioning: we regret that the public space is shrinking and privatizing more and more because a stop is illegal if there has been no public inquiry.

- Bora Bora: The mooring order is most likely illegal because there has been no public inquiry into what is in fact a development plan. Write a letter to the mayor on this basis (Bernard)

- Fakarava: IT is the DIREN that would be at the maneuver for a draft decree:
Diving passes south forbidden without local monitor (equivalent to privatization)
Prohibition of filming in the south pass
Mandatory approved guide to pink sands (equivalent to privatization)
A decision in committee is pending pending by the ministerial decree that is under way ...

- Moorea: Waiting for the release of the Commissioner-Investigator's report, as of May 27.


Miscellaneous points:
- New contributions brought back by Arnaud
- Kafkaesque administrative problems to unlock the CCP-OPT bank account (following signature problems)
- Stealing the projector in Eric's car: getting the material set up and out of the inventory
- Make public documents of the association accessible on the Drive
- Poor return of AVP representatives to the islands to date; Eric will make a trip to Fakarava to revive our representativeness.
- The sailboat Buenavista carries an AVP kakémono to Fakarava
- A serious accident in Bora: a sailboat skipper, swimming near his boat, had his foot almost cut off by the propeller of a powerboat ...


The Secretary

Meeting report on Suricat –

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Meeting minutes of April 16, 2019, on Suricat

All except Nathalie (excused)

1- Moorea PGEM
The EP will end on 27/4 in Moorea.
For the AVP, stand-by until the publication of the Commissioner-Investigator's report (regulatoryly one month after the end of the EP, may 27).

2 - Various interviews
Eric has met with various high-level contacts related to the nautical environment.
He also met with the JRCC, which has virtually no financial means...: project to develop an AVP relay for security messages (AVURNAV, disappearances, etc.)
He also met with the Vigie du Port Autonome de Papeete: the AVP will propose a procedure for accessing sailboats, for validation by the PAP...
He met the Rescuers at Sea, who have little resources either; Provide us with a page to appear on the AVP website (do not have a site of their own); insert a line to encourage them to donate?

Note: Prepare a presentation topo of the AVP (powerPoint genre), intended for "policies" (who we are, past actions, present, future, 1901, website, staff, what we want, etc ...)
To be done after the charter in draft.

3 - Anglo-Saxons
- Ryan Levinson represents the AVP with Anglo-Saxon sailboats.
- Specific articles could be translated into English, and included in the site (PDF format), to improve in some cases the automatic translation of Google. To see in practice so problems.

4 - Room reservation for AG 2020
It's hard to find meeting rooms for cheap; they must be booked well in advance. Agreement in principle to reserve a room for the 2020 GA now; date to be specified (February OR March?).

5 - Pavilion
Start preparing a graphic project of the Pavilion (guidon, ....) of the AVP

6 - Insurance for sailboats in Polynesia
Eric contacts broker to see if it is possible to find an insurer interested in offering an attractive rate exclusively to AVP members.
The asso should also be insured for the events it organises: see regulations and tariffs.

7 - Miscellaneous
Put on Drive the various permanent administrative documents (No Tahiti, statutes, etc....): Regina

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