Pourquoi adhérer à l'AVP en 2022 ?
Pourquoi adhérer à l'AVP en 2022 ?

Créer du lien au sein de l’association et nous connaître un peu mieux. Parce qu’une association c’est avant tout créer des occasions de se rencontrer, d’échanger, nous avons décidé de déclencher ces occasions afin que tous les adhérents puissent avoir un vrai rôle participatif, que chacun puisse...

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Home Posts Categorized as “Covid-19”

Polynesia’s maritime borders are still closed.

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"For the time being, the reopening of maritime borders is not on the agenda. Pleasure boating to Polynesia is still prohibited unless an exemption is granted. The quarantine is maintained and there are only 3 ports of call into French Polynesia, Nuku Hiva, Rikitea and Papeete.

At the end of the health emergency period, July 10, 2020, things will be reconsidered."

Source: Maritime Affairs Service of the High Commission of the Republic in French Polynesia

Navigation possible but limited

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From April 19th until May 12th, 2020, pleasure boating is allowed within 2 miles of your island. Ni inter-island is allowed unless approved by DPAM. No passage between Taihiti and Moorea is allowed. It is prohibited for all pleasure craft on an international voyage towards French Polynesia to stop, anchor or station here, or to offload anyone in the territorial waters until further notice.

Art. 11: By way of derogation to Art. 10, the head of Maritime Affairs, in relation with the local Maritime Authority, may authorize a stop over or anchorage of a pleasure craft in need of technical assistance or re-provisioning under the heading of international agreements. Such granted authorizations are for a limited time. In this case, pleasure vessels must announce themselves forty eight (48) hours prior to arrival, the captain must make contact and indicate the health status of all persons to the Port of Papeete and the JRCC, and advise as the case may be the relevant symptoms (fever, cough…). The passengers and crew of these vessels authorized to stop over are not authorized to disembark, at a dock or at sea without having observed quarantine on board the vessel for at least 14 days from their last stop over. After this period, the rules in force for all other people will apply to those on board.

Source : http://lexpol.cloud.pf/document.php?document=394570&deb=3590&fin=3593&titre=QXJyw6p0w6kgbsKwIDE2OTggQ0FCIGR1IDI4LzA0LzIwMjA=&fbclid=IwAR2y7L-o4D_CEtjf0TnBaKfy3GBC6whm7_StEhndJ6-27gUnWhcZsqPBPsw

Expiry of short term visa

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Requirements concerning non-resident boats and crew. This is as we understand it today (April 8th, 2020). We are seeking confirmation from the authorities, but have not yet received confirmation. We obviously will post any confirmation or new update.

After a new contact with the High Commission, it appears that a clarification is needed regarding the non-resident boats and crew currently present in French Polynesia.

There are currently (April 8th, 2020) two different sets of requirements.

  1. DPAM (Maritime Affairs of French Polynesia) requires every non-resident boat to register with them. See This is strictly for the Maritime Affairs to be informed about the location of boats in the territory.
    The form to use is: https://www.service-public.pf/dpam/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2020/03/FICHE-DEROGATON-NAVIRE-PLAISANCE-v2-.pdf
    This is to be sent to: cathy.rocheteau@maritime.gov.pf
  2. High Commission: Unlike what we were told earlier, holders of short term visas need to apply for an exceptional and motivated visa extension at the “Etrangers” department of the High Commission. This application must include:
    • Name of the person concerned
    • Boat name
    • Current location
    • Copy of passport (front page and page holding the visa)
    • Date of expiry of the visa
    • A cover letter with the specific request for visa extension
    • Reason for the request

    Although it may appear obvious that the last point includes the lock down obligation AND the fact that no port West of FP currently accepts new incoming boats, it is a requirement that the exceptional request for extension be motivated.

    This request for extension is to be sent to : etrangers@polynesie-francaise.pref.gouv.fr

Covid-19: French Polynesia for dummies

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Synthesis of the texts that are currently valid

1 - Your boat was in Fr. Polynesia on or before 03/21:

You are allowed to stay where you are but not to move, no island hopping, no movement in the lagoon or between bays, unless approval was given by the DPAM (Maritime Affairs);

From April 19th you and until May 12th, 2020, pleasure boating is allowed within 2 miles of your island. Ni inter-island is allowed unless approved by DPAM. No passage between Taihiti and Moorea is allowed.

2 - Your have arrived in French Polynesia after 03/21:

Authorities say you should go to Papeete, but you may request a dispensation from the DPAM.

You can stop elsewhere for health/provisioning/getting on a plane to Papeete with DPAM’s approval.

Authorization/dispensation form:

3 - You have not yet left your port of origin:

Fr. Polynesia has closed its territorial waters. Do not leave port. Most Pacific Island nations are closed to visitors. Please stay put!

4 - You are under way to French Polynesia:

Alert the DPAM (Maritime Affairs) or the Port control in Tahiti 48h before landfall. You are only allowed to go to land if your last stopover dates back more than 14 days.


Port Control: VHF 12 or SSB 2638 KHz, phone:(+689) - emergency line (+689)



The form to fill and send to DPAM AND Port Control is here: https://voiliers.asso.pf/?p=3849

5 - You have decided to sail on and leave Fr. Polynesia:

A technical stop is allowed in Tahiti to refuel and re-provision. The DPAM and Port Control in Papeete must be advised (contact above) about the ETA and which marina you plan to go to.

Marina Taina : marinataina@mail.pf

Marina de Papeete : marinadepapeete@portppt.pf

For Your Information : on the 27th or March there is PLENTY of berths in the downtown marina of Papeete.

You may now go out

No more confinement order or movement form
Nautical activities (surf, kite, etc…) are allowed.

Curfew still prohibits movement from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

This is valid from April 19th you and until May 12th, 2020

We will endeavor to keep this file up to date.